Anonymity Isn't Privacy. As the name implies, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are anonymous. You don't have to sign anything, show ID or even reveal your real name. But the meetings are not private. Anyone is free to attend. And anyone is free to recognize you: by your face, by your voice, by the stories you tell. Anonymity is not the same as privacy. That's obvious and interesting, but many of us seem to forget it when we're on a computer. We think "it's secure", and forget that secure can mean many different things.

At this site you will find information on how to be anonymous [anonymity is a result of not having any identifying characteristics disclosed] as well as several many other important security aspects that may arise when you are on the Internet. Learn to give sites you visit the appearance that you reside in a foreign country. Get through to web sites blocked by your ISP. Visit the web sites you want to with ease.

Anonymity : VPN
People use Personal VPN services for a multitude of reasons. Full anonymity by hiding your real IP, security for Hotspot Wireless Access, or just to gain access to blocked websites. See the VPN page for more information.

Anonymity : Rewebbers
For those of you who are unable to, or just do not want to configure the browser to use a proxy, you may use web based proxies to surf. Some countries have now enabled proxies so that all users of that country must go through proxy servers which heavily restrict which sites are visited. Ways to overcome this are to encrypt the url prior to requesting it so the ISP level censored proxy can't block it.

Anonymity : Proxy Servers
Once you have properly configured your browser to use a proxy server, when you activate the browser and type in a url to jump to, your browser summons the proxy server. It passes the url to the proxy server and the proxy server then retrieves the page you requested and sends it back to you. Any transfers you make while configured for proxy will be conducted through it, therefore, since it is the proxy and not you thats hitting sites, all the site will see is the proxy and you remain invisible! Think of the proxy server as a "middle man". Sites you visit will see only the country and proxy you are using.

Anonymity : Chat Client
TorChat Is An Easy-To-Use Anonymous And Encrypted Chat Client. It is an instant messenger client that makes encrypted, anonymous chat and sharing files with your friends incredibly easy. Built on Tor's location-hiding services, nobody will be able to see what you're doing or who you're contacting.

Anonymity : Remailers
Sometimes you want to send something without having your real name attached to it. For example, you are an official spokesperson for a company, and now you want to say something "off the record". Or maybe you want to discuss something that is going on in your company, without identifying yourself as the sender of the message.

Anonymity : Anonymous Operating System
Operating system distributions bootable from read-only media
These are in Linux format but are now very easy to use. The Ubuntu Live CD gives the option of running a normal desktop environment with all the normal programs and some extras. Live CD's are available in many formats.


If James Bond logs on to a computer, he doesn't want to leave a bunch of files, cookies or his IP address out there for someone to find. It might seem extreme, but sometimes it's a good idea to take the same precautions yourself. In this post, we'll walk through how to use a USB stick or DVD to anonymise, encrypt and hide everything you do on a computer no matter where you are. When we say "browse without leaving a trace", we truly mean it. Using the Linux-based, live-boot operating system Tails you can use any computer anywhere without anyone knowing you were ever on it. Tails is a portable operating system with all the security bells and whistles you'll ever need already installed on it.

Anonymity : Fake Name Generator
Generate fake names, addresses, and other demographic information with Fake Name Generator.

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