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Google Experiment Tests Top 5 Browsers

The Project Zero team at Google has created a new tool for testing browser DOM engines and has unleashed it on today’s top five browsers, finding most bugs in Apple’s Safari. The tool — named Domato — is a fuzzer, a security testing toolkit that feeds a software application with random data and analyzes the […]

Securing your Android

It’s not just hackers is it. A friend recently lost their phone. Despite all that I’ve ever said, it was not encrypted. Why. Because it’s too big a headfuck. No one thinks twice about double or triple locking their house doors. It’s a once a day action – np. But because they spend most of […]

Librem Laptop

Concerns over online privacy and security are increasingly changing the way consumers spend their money and behave online. According to a Pew Research study conducted one year ago, 86 per cent of internet users have now taken at least some steps to conceal their digital footprints, though many say they would like to do more, […]

Loopix Anonymity System

The way Loopix works is very similar to Tor, both being based on the same principles of mix networks. A user connects to a provider (ingress provider), the same way Tor users connect to entry guards. The Loopix provider server sends the user’s message through the network through random mix nodes, similar to how Tor […]


CryptoPrevent is the latest version of the popular malware prevention software for devices running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Windows users have quite the diverse selection of security tools at their disposal. Even if you ignore the options that Windows itself ships with, there is a variety of tools that users can install to improve their […]

Intra-Library Collusion

A team of Oxford and Cambridge researchers is the latest to join a chorus of voices sounding the alarm on a new attack vector named Intra-Library Collusion (ILC) that could make identifying Android malware much harder in the upcoming future. An ILC attack relies on threat actors using libraries to deliver malicious code, instead of […]

Police want to read encrypted messages

The Australian government wants new powers to access encrypted communications, but do they need them? Police and intelligence agencies already have significant abilities to access data about our emails, phone calls and text messages if we’re suspected of committing a crime, although it can be difficult to tell exactly what they’re doing with them. Many […]

Another Windows Hacking Tool Stolen from NSA

The Shadow Brokers, a notorious hacking group that leaked several hacking tools from the NSA, is once again making headlines for releasing another NSA exploit—but only to its “monthly dump service” subscribers. Dubbed UNITEDRAKE, the implant is a “fully extensible remote collection system” that comes with a number of “plug-ins,” enabling attackers to remotely take […]

Android 8 Oreo

Android’s recently released Oreo update packs in plenty of features, including a battery life boost and a notifications rethink. But Oreo’s most important improvements will happen behind the scenes, with a host of security updates designed to evolve with ever-expanding digital threats. From halting ransomware to blocking malicious apps and easing Android’s longstanding fragmentation woes, Oreo tackles […]

How To Track Down Anyone Online

If your efforts to track down long-lost relatives and obscure musicians (or anyone else you’re looking for on the web) stop at Googling their name, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to seriously go about searching for people online, including some advice from the professionals who do it for a living. Oh, and […]


ROPEMAKER, or Remotely Originated Post-delivery Email Manipulation Attacks Keeping Email Risky to give it the full, and somewhat cheesy, label was disclosed publicly by Mimecast last month. The implications could be huge, if it ever gets seen in the wild. Luckily, as I write, Mimecast indicates that isn’t the case yet. So why is ROPEMAKER […]

Introducing WhiteBear

As a part of our Kaspersky APT Intelligence Reporting subscription, customers received an update in mid-February 2017 on some interesting APT activity that we called WhiteBear. Much of the contents of that report are reproduced here. Kaspersky announcements similar to this are ofte ignored by the [western] press. For example –  ProjectSauron.  

Hacking Retail Gift Cards

In November of 2015, Will Caput worked for a security firm assigned to a penetration test of a major Mexican restaurant chain, scouring its websites for hackable vulnerabilities. So when 40-year-old Caput took a lunch break, he had beans and guacamole on his mind. He decided to drive to the local branch of the restaurant […]

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