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The A-Z of 2018 Threatscape Predictions

We should all be listening to what these cybersecurity thought leaders are predicting will be shaping the threatscape in 2018…

Here at IT Security Thing we end up travelling all over the world to listen to what the great and the good of the cybersecurity industry have to say. It’s a tough job, etc etc. If we’ve learned one thing from our globetrotting adventures then it is there are a hell of a lot of intelligent folk on the right side of the security fence, and when they speak it’s pretty stupid to ignore them. So it is that, as we approach the end of yet another year, it seems pertinent to listen to what the world of cybersec professionals are predicting will be facing us in the year to come. And so, without any further waffle, here’s the IT Security Thing A-Z of 2018 security predictions…

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