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How to use APK files to install Android apps

The safest way to install new apps on any Android device is to use the Google Playstore. However, that is not the only method to get new apps. Say you are a developer and you are building apps for Android. Before you get to launch your app in Google Play, you have to test it while it is under development. Or, maybe you are working in a company that uses its Android apps that do not need to be published on Google Playbecause they are not intended for public use. How do you install apps on your device, in these situations? Luckily, there is the “sideload” method. It implies getting hold of the .apk file (the file format used for Android app installers), loading it onto your smartphone or tablet, and installing it locally, without going through Google Play.

In this tutorial, we teach you how to do all that


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