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Choose better passwords with the help of science

For years, computer users have been told they should have complicated passwords, including numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols, and upper- and lowercase letters. Despite those being hard to remember, people were told not to write their passwords down, and forced to make up new ones quite frequently. Users dutifully complied – by capitalizing the first letter of their passwords, adding a “1” or their birth year, or perhaps ending their password with an exclamation point.

What is the magic to a secure password.
It’s size.
In the article above there is a password strength meter.
The magic number is 19.
That’s when your password is regarded as secure.

I used zzzzz55555xxxx4444c.

There are many password strength indicators and they all have a different tripping point that varies from 14 to 23. I’m more than happy with the number I am using.

[ You didn’t really expect me to tell you – did you? ]


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