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Browser Security White Paper

This white paper [PDF] provides a technical comparison of the security features and attack surface of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. We aim to identify which browser provides the highest level of security in common enterprise usage scenarios, and show how differences in design and implementation of various security technologies in modern web browsers might affect their security.

Comparisons are done using a qualitative approach since many issues regarding browser security cannot easily be quantified. We focus on the weaknesses of different mitigations and hardening features and take an attacker’s point of view. This should give the reader an impression about how easy or hard it is to attack a certain browser.

The analysis has been sponsored by Google. X41 D-Sec GmbH accepted this sponsorship on the condition that Google would not interfere with our testing methodology or control the content of our paper. We are aware that we could unconsciously be biased to produce results favorable to our sponsor, and have attempted to eliminate this by being as transparent as possible about our decision-making processes and testing methodologies.


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