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The $10 Hardware Hack That Wrecks IoT Security

We all know IoT security sucks and this is just one more in an endless list of hacks. BUT, worth the read for some interesting bits of info.

This process could theoretically work on any digital device that uses flash memory, but most types would require interfacing with more pins than eMMC does, and many necessitate specialized readers and protocols to gain access. “For the most common types of memory, most people don’t want to open things up, solder to them, do all that kind of stuff, because it’s kind of a giant mess,” Heres says. “But with eMMC you can do it with five wires. Of course, the soldering is a little difficult, but totally doable. It’s not 40 or 50 wires.”

Some data recovery services already use that method to help customers retrieve their information from broken devices, but it isn’t widely known.


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