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Is neural network password checker the answer?

Researchers have developed a neural network powered password checker, but is it actually using a cannonball to crack a walnut?

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago have developed a neural-network powered login system that checks the security rating of a password before allowing it to be used.

The system queries a database of passwords that have been exposed following breaches in recent years to ensure the choice isn’t already a known quantity to hackers. It also understands the difference between truly strong and seemingly strong password construction. Try to use something that the brute-force attackers of today could quickly crack – alphabetical to symbol conversion, for example – and it will warn of the dangers.

Is this the answer to getting users to choose ‘strong and stable’ login credentials, and how can users best be cajoled into using better passwords? SC Media UK has been looking for the answers.

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