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New AI Tech Can Mimic Any Voice

Even the most natural-sounding computerized voices—whether it’s Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa—still sound like, well, computers. Montreal-based start-up Lyrebird is looking to change that with an artificially intelligent system that learns to mimic a person’s voice by analyzing speech recordings and the corresponding text transcripts as well as identifying the relationships between them. Introduced last week, Lyrebird’s speech synthesis can generate thousands of sentences per second—significantly faster than existing methods—and mimic just about any voice, an advancement that raises ethical questions about how the technology might be used and misused.

Well shit, of course it’s going to be misused, otherwise, what’s the fucking point.
“No Your Honour, that’s not my voice. Someone else must have used my phone”.
<!– – insert question – –>
“Yes Your Honour, I DO let anyone use my phone, for this precise reason”.
Happy days.


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