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Major tech companies like Google Dropbox and, more recently, Facebook have begun allowing users to log in with security keys. These security keys implement an open standard called Universal 2nd Factor, or U2F.

So What is U2F?

U2F Explained
U2F is a new standard for universal two-factor authentication tokens. These tokens can use USB, NFC, or Bluetooth to provide two-factor authentication across a variety of services. This standard is backed by the FIDO alliance, which includes Google, Microsoft, PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Intel, ARM, Samsung, Qualcomm, Bank of America, and many other massive companies.

Expect U2F security tokens to be all over the place soon. [or not]

The past five years have witnessed a seemingly unending series of high-profile account take-overs. A growing consensus has emerged among security practitioners: even long, randomly generated passwords aren’t sufficient for locking down e-mail and other types of online assets. According to the consensus, these assets need to be augmented with a second factor of authentication.

Now, a two-year study of more than 50,000 Google employees concludes that cryptographically based Security Keys beat out smartphones and most other forms of two-factor verification.


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