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This Hacker Is My New Hero

The hacker’s name is Janit0r. You’ve probably never heard of him, but perhaps you’ve heard of his work. Janit0r is reportedly the one behind a particularly gnarly but undeniably fascinating form of malware called BrickerBot. BrickerBot, as the name implies, will brick internet of things (IoT) devices that fail a simple security test. This is surely illegal, but I love it.

The IoT security mess is a result of companies with insufficient security knowledge developing powerful Internet-connected devices for users with no security knowledge. Most of the consumer-oriented IoT devices that I’ve found on the net appear to have been deployed almost exactly as they left the factory.

Everyone has a different take on vigilantes. Personally, I don’t give a rats arse. The majority of people using smart devices don’t even realise the consequences of their inactions [not changing default passwords]. They havn’t done it before with any of their other hardware [routers],¬†why would they start now?


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