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Reminder: The Agencies That Want Your Data

The Federal Government’s Metadata Retention Scheme has now become compulsory for telcos and internet service providers in Australia. This means your metadata – including text messages, location information and internet connection details – will be stored for two years and available to Government agencies to access on request without a warrant.

There are over five dozen government entities that want to look through your mobile, internet and home phone records, ostensibly to uncover criminal activity.

Here’s the full list, including the jurisdiction of those agencies:

  1. Australian Financial Security Authority, Commonwealth
  2. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Commonwealth
  3. Australian Postal Corporation, Commonwealth
  4. Australian Taxation Office, Commonwealth
  5. Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, Commonwealth
  6. Civil Aviation, Safety Authority (CASA), Commonwealth
  7. Clean Energy Regulator, Commonwealth
  8. Department of Agriculture, Commonwealth
  9. Department of Defence (ADFIS and IGD), Commonwealth
  10. Department of the Environment, Commonwealth
  11. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Commonwealth
  12. Department of Health, Commonwealth
  13. Department of Human Services, Commonwealth
  14. Department of Social Services, Commonwealth
  15. Fair Work Building and Construction, Commonwealth
  16. National Measurement Institute, Commonwealth
  17. ACT Revenue Office, ACT
  18. Access Canberra (Department of Treasury and Economic Development), ACT
  19. Bankstown City Council, NSW  [You have to be shitting me]
  20. Consumer Affairs, VIC
  21. Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading – Department of Justice), TAS
  22. Consumer and Business Services, SA
  23. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, QLD
  24. Department of Commerce, WA
  25. Department of Corrective Services, WA
  26. Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, QLD
  27. Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources (Fisheries), VIC
  28. Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, VIC
  29. Department of Environment Regulation, WA
  30. Department of Fisheries, WA
  31. Department of Justice and Regulation (Consumer Affairs), VIC
  32. Department of Justice and Regulation (Sheriff of Victoria), VIC
  33. Department of Mines and Petroleum, WA
  34. Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), NSW
  35. Environment Protection Authority, SA
  36. Greyhound Racing Victoria, VIC
  37. Harness Racing New South Wales, NSW
  38. Health Care Complaints Commission, NSW
  39. Legal Services Board, VIC
  40. NSW Environment Protection Authority, NSW
  41. NSW Fair Trading, NSW
  42. Office of Environment & Heritage, NSW
  43. Office of Fair Trading (Department of Justice And Attorney-General Office of the Director General), QLD
  44. Office of State Revenue, NSW
  45. Office of State Revenue, QLD
  46. Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner, VIC
  47. Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), SA
  48. Queensland Building and Construction Commission, QLD
  49. Racing and Wagering Western Australia, WA
  50. Racing NSW, NSW
  51. Racing Queensland, QLD
  52. Roads and Maritime Serices NSW, NSW
  53. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), VIC
  54. State Revenue Office, VIC
  55. Taxi Services Commission, VIC
  56. RevenueSA, SA
  57. Victorian WorkSafe Authority, VIC

Four agencies have also been redacted from the document under Section 47b as well — their disclosure would be “contrary to the public interest” — for a total of 61 government entities that have applied for ongoing access to the telecommunications data of Australian citizens and residents.

That’s a lot.

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