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This will make things easier

Facial recognition to replace passports in security overhaul at Australian airports. Paper passenger cards to be abolished in ‘world-first’ system the government hopes will see 90% of arrivals processed automatically. Incoming paper passenger cards would be abolished and manned stations would be replaced by electronic stations and automatic triage.

Am I the only person to see the problems that are going to plague this system. The government can’t even hold a census without showing their technological incompetence. Last year they had their bums handed to them on a plate with another hack. Yes, it was “only” the Bureau of Meteorology. The people who laughed at that have NFI about how this sort of shit works.

The above hack was put down to the Chinese, but it seems as if the flavour of the month is Russia. Could Russian Hacking Pose A Threat To Australian Democracy? Probably. And the Chinese? And the USA – they make a habit of shitting on their friends.



So basically, how can the government guarantee the security of the data base holding all this info??? With promises – of course.


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