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The World’s Most Dangerous Search Engine Shodan is a search engine much like Google, however that’s where the similarities end. Rather than indexing web content over ports 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) like Google – Shodan crawls the web searching for devices that respond on a host of other ports including 21 (FTP), 22 (SSH), […]


Online Identity Theft Protection Services and Protection App Get alerts anytime suspicious activity occurs in your Gmail, Facebook and other online accounts.  


Jitsi – another ES approved app. Jitsi is an audio/video Internet phone and instant messenger written in Java. It supports some of the most popular instant messaging and telephony protocols such as SIP, Jabber/XMPP, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger.  


When you protest for a cause, alongside thousands of people, it is very likely that the mobile network will stop working on everyone’s smartphone. This happens because there are too many smartphones in a small space and the mobile network can’t handle so many connections from the same place. When this happens, you can no […]

Signal video

Even as the encryption app Signal became the go-to private communications channel for activists, journalists, politicians, and more, its encrypted calling feature remained less than perfect. It lacks video, often drops calls, and doesn’t always integrate with your phone’s existing features. A Signal update gradually rolling out now upgrades the calling features and adds video, […]


Tired of unchecking unrelated offers while installing software? Have you ever felt, while installing software, that the installer tries to push additional unwanted programs at all cost? Ever missed a checkbox, and spent hours afterwards removing adware? Ever opened your browser after an installation, only to find out that you have a new homepage, a […]

Tor Hidden Service at ProtonMail

The popular encrypted email provider ProtonMail has launched the Tor Hidden Service to provide further protection to its users. Implementing a Tor hidden service for ProtonMail Tor has numerous advantages for end-users, communications are protected by supplementary layers of encryption, user’ IP address is masqueraded by the anonymizing network, and such kind of service is […]

Windows Warez

The mysterious group that claims to have stolen digital weapons once used by the National Security Agency published a trove of active Microsoft Windows software exploits on Thursday. The code dump [link to download – 343.73Mb], accompanied by a farewell message written in broken English by the enigmatic group the Shadow Brokers, confirms supplementary evidence […]

How To Find A Lost Phone

Modern mobile phones pose an interesting dilemma. As our most important tool, ingrained into every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes we lose and leave our fancy devices in mysterious places. Fortunately, there are ways you can track down your lost phone. Here’s how.  


ZeroNet is a new and revolutionary decentralized P2P internet that promise to avoid censorship and improve user privacy on the open web. ZeroNet is a decentralized and open source web platform. It’s based on BitTorrent(p2p) technology and BitCoin cryptography. These features ensure a decentralized censorship-resistant network. The contents published by users can never be deleted […]

VeraCrypt – AES vs Twofish

I’ll start encrypting my HD now, but I have a doubt: does it matter which cipher is faster, considering that my HD has a read/write rate of 40 MB/s when copying and pasting large files? I know Twofish’s slower performance doesn’t matter much on memory operations, but since I do video recordings to my HD […]

Windows System Control Center

WSCC allows you to install, update, execute and organize the utilities from various system utility suites. WSCC can install and update the supported utilities automatically. Alternatively, WSCC can use the http protocol to download and run the programs. The portable edition doesn’t require installation and can be run directly from a USB drive. WSCC supports […]

A List of Best Password Managers

If your passwords are extremely easy to memorize, then it is only a matter of time when someone is going to guess them, and if you are one of those people who use the same password across many platforms, then a single hack can get your most important data compromised. Moreover, if the hacker obtained […]

The best 8 secure browsers 2016

It is perfectly possible to tweak Chrome, Firefox or IE, fine tuning them for security and privacy if that’s important. Each now has a privacy mode – which might or might not convince the skeptic of course. But the philosophy behind the true secure browser is to eschew the notion of platforms and plug-ins, stripping […]

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