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Explainer: how internet routers work

Most of us would be bereft without Wi-Fi but give a little thought to the technology that beams us the internet. The device we pay so little attention to is called a router. Its main role is to connect networks and send and receive data from an internet provider. But many routers aren’t particularly secure. […]

Sandbox evasion techniques

This post is the first part in a series on sandbox evasion techniques used by malware today. After this primer, in subsequent posts we’ll drill down deeper into the details for each of the three main categories of evasion techniques. Ongoing thread at WSF.  

Blocking Telemetry in Windows 7

Microsoft pushed patches to devices running Windows 7 and 8.1 in recent time that collect information and transfer data to Microsoft regularly. One of the main issues that Windows users may have with telemetry is that Microsoft does not reveal what it is collecting, and what is included when telemetry data is transferred to the […]

I’m giving up on PGP

After years of wrestling GnuPG with varying levels of enthusiasm, I came to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it, and I’m giving up. At least on the concept of long term PGP keys. This is not about the gpg tool itself, or about tools at all. Many already wrote about that. It’s about […]

Hacker Lexicon: What Is …?

What Is HTTPS? For all the attention that the iPhone’s encrypted storage and Whatsapp’s new end-to-end messaging encryption have gotten over the last few months—particularly from the US Justice Department – you’d think that encryption is just now hitting the mainstream. But in fact, you and billions of other people been using a less-loudly appreciated […]

Sunday read – “end-to-end” encryption

With end-to-end encryption, a message gets encrypted at one endpoint, like a smartphone, and decrypted at the other endpoint, let’s say a laptop. No one at any other point, including the company providing the communication service you’re using, can decrypt the message. Contrast this with encryption that only covers your link to the service provider, […]

Exploit Kits: Hunting the Hunters

Exploit kits are one of the threats that is ever present on the Internet. Indiscriminately compromising users that are simply surfing websites. As ransomware has exploded so has the proliferation of these exploit kits. This combination of ransomware, tor, and bitcoin has created a financially lucrative monster. One of the challenges with investigating exploit kits […]

Webinar: The SS7 Vulnerability: What You Can Do

Through recent coverage on 60 Minutes and other major news outlets, the “SS7 Vulnerability,” already well-known to privacy focused businesses, government agencies, Telcos and criminals alike, has recently been brought into the spotlight, based upon the risks facing Enterprises and government agencies. Come join us as we discuss what SS7 is, how it can be […]

Webcast: Insight to the Underground Hacker Market Place

Customer service is the motto. Hackers are now extending their service hours, guaranteeing their work, and expanding their offerings to keep customers coming back. Imagine a marketplace where illegal vendors offer a wide range of goods, tools, and training to enable a hacker to exploit or breach unsuspecting individuals, groups or organizations. Furthermore, imagine the […]

Blackhills Information Security Webinar

In this webcast we will be discussing how you can begin the long and awesome journey of hacking the Internet of Things or IoT for those in the “know.” We will be discussing dumping firmware, using JTAGulator and analysis. Yes, there will be demos. Because Brian Fehrman is helping, and he is quite possibly insane. […]

Have USB Will Travel

I regularly find myself writing about USB sticks. Why am I currently obsessing over these cheap dongles, which many have come to regard as fundamentally obsolete? Because they’re still useful. But how does this actually work in practice? You might have concerns that running a desktop operating system on a USB flash drive would be […]

Layered Security

While no single strategy can prevent malicious activity, the effectiveness of implementing the Top 4 strategies remains very high. At least 85% of the cyber intrusions that ASD responds to involve adversaries using unsophisticated techniques that would have been mitigated by implementing the Top 4 mitigation strategies as a package. Introduction Australian computer networks are being targeted […]

Software Reverse Engineering Process

Software reverse engineering is frequently mentioned in the context of illegal activity. At the same time, reversing has legal applications, the most known of which is malware research. It can be also used to provide improved compatibility with the closed platforms, enhanced applications, and advanced OS features. In particular, in the United States, there is a […]

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