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Hacker Lexicon: What Is …?

What Is HTTPS? For all the attention that the iPhone’s encrypted storage and Whatsapp’s new end-to-end messaging encryption have gotten over the last few months—particularly from the US Justice Department – you’d think that encryption is just now hitting the mainstream. But in fact, you and billions of other people been using a less-loudly appreciated […]

Exploit Kits: Hunting the Hunters

Exploit kits are one of the threats that is ever present on the Internet. Indiscriminately compromising users that are simply surfing websites. As ransomware has exploded so has the proliferation of these exploit kits. This combination of ransomware, tor, and bitcoin has created a financially lucrative monster. One of the challenges with investigating exploit kits […]

Have USB Will Travel

I regularly find myself writing about USB sticks. Why am I currently obsessing over these cheap dongles, which many have come to regard as fundamentally obsolete? Because they’re still useful. But how does this actually work in practice? You might have concerns that running a desktop operating system on a USB flash drive would be […]

Layered Security

While no single strategy can prevent malicious activity, the effectiveness of implementing the Top 4 strategies remains very high. At least 85% of the cyber intrusions that ASD responds to involve adversaries using unsophisticated techniques that would have been mitigated by implementing the Top 4 mitigation strategies as a package. Introduction Australian computer networks are being targeted […]

Software Reverse Engineering Process

Software reverse engineering is frequently mentioned in the context of illegal activity. At the same time, reversing has legal applications, the most known of which is malware research. It can be also used to provide improved compatibility with the closed platforms, enhanced applications, and advanced OS features. In particular, in the United States, there is a […]


Anonymous, the most popular collective of hacktivists, has announced a new chat room in the DarkWeb dedicated to teaching its sympathizers hacking and coding techniques and encryption mechanisms. Anonymous also published a video on YouTube announcing the chat room and the service it offers. This is not a website, it’s an IRC chat server. You must […]

Endpoint Protection Guide

Why should I focus on protecting endpoints? How are endpoints targeted and compromised? What is the difference between traditional and next generation endpoint protection? How do I protect my company’s endpoints against ransomware and phishing? How does endpoint protection fit in with a layered security approach? First things first, let’s talk terminology.

This is just a weekend hack

As of our latest Android release, Signal builds are reproducible. Reproducible builds help to verify that the source code in our GitHub repository is the exact source code used to build the compiled Signal APK being distributed through Google Play. The process of verifying a build can be done through a Docker image containing an […]

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