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As the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are growing at a great pace, they continue to widen the attack surface, giving attackers a large number of entry points to affect you in some way. The attackers can use your smart devices to gain backdoor entry to your network, giving them the capability to steal sensitive […]

Different Ways of Using Tor

Recent events have brought into question the reliability and safety of the Tor network. Predominantly, the main issue is the repeated incidences of internet users using Tor to facilitate criminal activities and evade law enforcement agencies. Although Tor browser is still the go-to tool when looking for anonymity on the internet, there are other tools […]

Double VPN

Double VPN is a technology that hides online activity behind several servers inter connected via VPN-tunnel. A client is connected to one server which in turn redirects traffic to the second server, with that the traffic is subjected to several encoding steps. I saw a reminder of this in an “advertorial” published in the March 2017 […]

A beginner’s guide to encryption

Encryption keeps some of your most vital data safe. It protects your credit card information from being stolen by anyone eavesdropping on your Internet traffic when you make purchases online. It’s also used to keep medical information secure, protect free speech, and defend against surveillance. Increasingly, encryption is becoming widely available by default on consumer […]

Secret Service unlocks phone data

At a dedicated phone forensics facility in Tulsa, Okla., the Secret Service breaks into about 40 phones a year that could contain valuable information related to criminal investigations. When it comes to breaking into phones, it’s tougher to access devices that aren’t as popular as iPhones or Samsungs, according to investigators. Most forensics technology developers […]

Lineage OS

You’ve probably read the news articles. If you haven’t, please see the following: So, yes, this is us. LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was. This is the definition of open. A company pulling their support out of an open source project does not mean it has to die.

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