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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) 101

It’s time to get serious about security, to break through the bullshit, and to implement Two Factor Authentication right now! There are, simply put, three generally accepted methods of authenticating identity: knowledge; possession; and inherence. The first is familiar to everyone in the form of the password, passphrase, PIN, or even the pattern drawn with […]


While the rampage of ransomware was the attention-grabbing story of last year, the subtitle for 2016 was comprised of just three words: Internet of Things. Four words if you precede “things” with the almost obligatory “Insecure”. That connected devices are of interest to hackers — and connectivity is all we’re really talking about when we […]

Can we trust Tor?

When Tor started in September 2002, it was supposed to be made for civilians to browse the internet privately. But what you do not know is the dark secret behind Tor and how involved the government truly was. You will see that the government at any time, can ask Tor for information about their users.

Yes – I use Signal

There are always people who want to “but”. They say they like VeraCrypt but it takes longer to do shit than TrueCrypt. Bad luck – do you want security or convenience. People ask me what message app I use and I tell them – Signal. Then the bullshit starts – but what about “insert app […]

Fraudulent ID using face morphs

The use of fraudulent ID is a significant societal problem. In this study we examine one potential route to fraud: the use of a manipulated facial image in a photo-ID. The extensive psychological literature on face processing suggests a number of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by people wishing to deceive ID checkers (human or […]

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