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Stingray detection apps

Developers have rushed to offer apps that detect when your phone connects to fake cell phone towers. Unfortunately, it seems, those tools aren’t as effective as they claim. Watching the watchers turns out to be a complicated business. Solving that larger architectural problem will require not just improvements in some Android apps, but coordinated security […]

Book cipher

Is your threat level high enough to use a book cipher? Traditionally book ciphers work by replacing words in the text of a message with the location of words from the book being used. This can have problems; if a word appears in the text but not in the book, it cannot be encoded. The […]

Tor-Based Briar Messenger [beta]

Briar, an instant messaging service that works over the Tor network, has reached beta stage. Only an Android app is available at the moment. The conclusion of the security audit is that Briar for Android provides “an overall good handling of matters linked to security and privacy. Furthermore, the code responsible with the app’s cryptography […]

Tor Myths

Tor Project co-founder Roger Dingledine took the stage last week at DEF CON to bust popular myths and announce upcoming features related to the anonymity network that averages 2 million users a day. From the post: Personally I’m (still) waiting for TOR Astoria, and to see if it’s truly as bullet-proof as they claim it […]

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