Make me invisible

Nowhere to hide


Online tracking We present the largest and most detailed measurement of online tracking conducted to date, based on a crawl of the top 1 million websites. We make 15 types of measurements on each site, including stateful (cookie-based) and stateless (fingerprinting-based) tracking, the effect of browser privacy tools, and the exchange of tracking data between […]

Dark Web


When journalists write about the black markets hosted on the dark web always describe these places where it is possible to buy any kind of illegal product and service. A keyboard, a few bitcoins, and a couple of clicks allows anyone to buy a weapon or any kind of chemical drug. Is it true? The […]

Audio Fingerprinting


Despite browsing incognito, blocking advertisements, or hiding your tracks, some websites monitor and track your every move online using a new web-tracking technique called Audio Fingerprinting. This new fingerprinting technique can be utilized by technology and marketing companies to deliver targeted advertisements as well as by law enforcement to unmask VPN or Anonymous users, without […]

Reading WhatsApp messages


The popular security expert John McAfee and a team of four hackers demonstrated that is is possible to read WhatsApp message – even if it is encrypted. McAfee explained that the problem doesn’t affect WhatsApp but the Android OS that is affected by a serious design flaw. The exploitation of the vulnerability allowed McAfee’s team […]

Can you trust HTTPS?


Have you ever bothered to look at who your browser trusts? The padlock of a HTTPS connection doesn’t mean anything if you can’t trust the other end of the connection and its upstream signatories.  Even if you do trust whoever issued the certificate it doesn’t mean much if the network cannot be trusted. A lot […]

Privacy properties of telephone metadata


Privacy protections against government surveillance are often scoped to communications content and exclude communications metadata. In the United States, the National Security Agency operated a particularly controversial program, collecting bulk telephone metadata nationwide. We investigate the privacy properties of telephone metadata to assess the impact of policies that distinguish between content and metadata. We find […]

USB Thief


Researchers at ESET have revealed technical details of a rather interesting new piece of malware called USB Thief. Not only does the malware, a data-stealing Trojan, exclusively use USB devices for propagation but it also features a remarkable mechanism for self-protection. This is quite probably the closest we have seen to the spy film type devices […]

Sunday read – Hacker wars


LAPD detectives found an alternative way to bypass the security features of an iPhone 5S. The bypass occurred earlier this year, during the same period that the FBI was demanding that Apple unlock the iPhone 5C of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. The FBI eventually said it found another method, without using Apple, for unlocking the phone – which was equipped […]

Bootable antivirus rescue discs


All computer viruses are bad, but some of them are nastier than others. When a really evil one infects your system and takes control of your PC, you might find yourself in a prison: you can’t use your infected computer for anything, disinfection included. When something like this happens, a way to get out and […]

Covert Communication Techniques


The increased dependency on communication and data networks, storage of information in cyber domain and their vulnerabilities to the outside world, lack of mutual consent between countries on effective control of operations in cyber domain has brought a new type of threat. Cyberspace the fifth space of warfare after land, sea, air, and space is […]

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