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Metadata madness

A long-running case on whether you’re allowed access to view your own mobile phone metadata — retained by Australia’s telecommunications companies for government snooping, including comprehensive call logs and location data — and whether that data is classified as “personal information” has come to an unceremonious end. Australia’s Federal Court has put a stop to […]

Telegram cracked?

A raw intelligence document published last week claims Russian cyber experts have cracked Telegram messaging service to spy on opponents. A# Do we care – because we use Signal? B# This from American Intelligence? The people that gave us WMD’s and created ISIL. C# Or is it just a space filler because there is no […]

Windows Warez

The mysterious group that claims to have stolen digital weapons once used by the National Security Agency published a trove of active Microsoft Windows software exploits on Thursday. The code dump [link to download – 343.73Mb], accompanied by a farewell message written in broken English by the enigmatic group the Shadow Brokers, confirms supplementary evidence […]

Invizbox – Privacy made easy

So, I guess some things do come to fruition. Invizbox was a Kickstarter and Indiegogo project that promised something very useful – and delivered. Received mine [in Australia] last week. Love it. This gets the triple “V” rating. What is Invizbox? Invizbox is a small, low power device that helps provide an easy-to-use method of […]

Owl Detect

A lot of stolen data, that has either been leaked or hacked by cyber criminals, is available for sale on the dark web. This information includes personal information like usernames, passwords, financial information including bank account logins, credit and debit card numbers, email addresses and the list is endless. OwlDetect, however, assures the public that […]

Is It Legal To Record Someone?

If you live in South Australia then keep reading. If not, then only some this info is relevant to you. In the digital age of smartphones and instant messaging, it has never been easier to record and send videos and conversations involving other people. App features such as Instastory and Snapchat’s instantaneous video messaging abilities […]

Ultrasound Tracking and Tor

Ultrasounds emitted by ads or JavaScript code hidden on a page accessed through the Tor Browser can deanonymize Tor users by making nearby phones or computers send identity beacons back to advertisers, data which contains sensitive information that state-sponsored actors can easily obtain via a subpoena. This attack model was brought to light towards the […]

Facial recognition

The use of facial recognition software for commercial purposes is becoming more common, but, as Amazon scans faces in its physical shop and Facebook searches photos of users to add tags to, those concerned about their privacy are fighting back. Berlin-based artist and technologist Adam Harvey aims to overwhelm and confuse these systems by presenting […]

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