Turris Omnia Security Project

In the original project, each user of the service received a Turris router, which extends standard functions of a home router to include the ability to analyze traffic between the Internet and the home network, while identifying suspicious data streams. If such data stream is detected, the router alerts the Turris central to a possible

Antitheft Software for Laptops and Smartphones

I’m installing anti-theft software on all mobile company devices, so I can track, lock-down, grab webcam and wipe files remotely. Any recommendations? Read the rest here…

Port Fail flaw may reveal your identity

Security experts at the VPN provider Perfect Privacy discovered a new vulnerability dubbed Port Fail which affect all VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols and operating systems. An attacker can exploit the Port Fail flaw to reveal the real IP-addresses of VPN users,  including BitTorrent users. Experts at Perfect Privacy tested nine VPN providers out of which five

Malware tricks that you should know about

There is a constant cat and mouse game between malware, security software companies and computer users, and the chance of one side winning the battle seems slim at best. Malwarebytes revealed recently on Malwarebytes Unpacked how Vonteera, a malware previously classified as adware, operates. While it may not be of interest to many how that

MJ Registry Watcher

MJ Registry Watcher is a simple registry, file and directory hooker/poller, that safeguards the most important startup files, registry keys and values, and other more exotic registry locations commonly attacked by trojans. It has very low resource usage, and is set to poll every 30 seconds by default, although you can adjust this to anywhere

Tor Project needs money

Privacy network passes around the hat The programmers behind internet privacy tool Tor are asking supporters to donate money to bankroll future development. The software project has kicked off a fundraising effort to enhance the online anonymizing network, which is used by whistleblowers, journalists, criminals, normal folk, privacy-conscious netizens, and many other people. I know


Imagine you found out that your former spouse had opened a fake LifeLock credit monitoring account in your name, and then used it to follow your every financial move for two years? Then imagine that no one at LifeLock will take your query seriously, even after the police get involved. That’s the story of an

Who’s right on crypto?

The debate over encryption has become particularly intense following the deadly attacks in Paris. Politicians, police, and government agents insist the encryption in our software and gadgets be limited. Tech companies and programmers insist the encryption be implemented fully securely. This past week, there have been two posts from opposite ends of this debate, both

Create An Untraceable Messaging Device

How To Create An Untraceable Messaging Device With An Old Phone Secret, anonymous messages aren’t just for the dastardly. Luckily, a little privacy isn’t difficult to get. With some effort and a spare phone, you’ll be whistleblowing, protecting your privacy from harassers, and staying anonymous when selling on Gumtree or looking for dates on Match.

Nmap 7

After 3.5 years, Fyodor has released the new version of the popular network-exploration tool Nmap 7. Nmap is one of the most popular open-source network mapper, the principal changes announced for this release are … read the story here.

The Importance of 2FA

Ask anyone how their systems, mobile computers, networks and applications are protected and it is highly likely that the answer that you will get is “via passwords.” Ask them again if they feel confident of it or sleep soundly at night thinking that everything is secure. This is where a second layer of authentication comes

TrueCrypt – and other news

TrueCrypt is safer than previously reported Despite the vulnerabilities, the analysis concluded that TrueCrypt remains safe when used as a tool for encrypting data at rest as opposed to data stored in computer memory or on a mounted drive. The researchers said the vulnerabilities uncovered by Project Zero and in the Fraunhofer analysis should be

Let’s Encrypt

A nonprofit effort aimed at encrypting the entire Web has reached an important milestone: its HTTPS certificates are now trusted by all major browsers. The service, which is backed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla, Cisco Systems, and Akamai, is known as Let’s Encrypt. As Ars reported last year, the group will offer free HTTPS

LastPass Will be Stolen

Password managers are a great tool that everyone should use. Even though we exposed weaknesses in LastPass, it is still a solid tool and a better option than using the same password changing the last characters of your password everywhere. There are ways to harden your LastPass configuration that can avoid some of the explained

Learn To Code With Minecraft

Code.org recently launched a Star Wars-themed “Hour of Code” tutorial, and today they’re geeking it up a notch: a brand-new program is based in the world of Minecraft. The new Minecraft tutorial hopes to build on the countless hours people pour into the game daily, which is already popular with kids. Code.org’s tutorial uses Minecraft