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QRLJacking: Hijacking QR Code


Do you know that you can access your WeChat, Line and WhatsApp chats on your desktop as well using an entirely different, but fastest authentication system? It’s SQRL, or Secure Quick Response Login, a QR-code-based authentication system that allows users to quickly sign into a website without having to memorize or type in any username […]

End of SMS-based 2FA?


SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has been declared insecure and soon it might be a thing of the past. If you have 2FA enabled on Gmail, the platform will send a six-digit passcode to your mobile phone every time you sign in to your account. But, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has […]

Internet of Things – happy days


Disaster stories involving the Internet of Things are all the rage. They feature cars (both driven and driverless), the power grid, dams, and tunnel ventilation systems. A particularly vivid and realistic one, near-future fiction published last month in New York Magazine, described a cyberattack on New York that involved hacking of cars, the water system, […]

Android Security


I’ve been asked to help someone setup they’re first smart phone – Acer Z630, Android 5.1 – but I’ve never used Android & don’t really use my phone other then for calling/texting. Are there any good comprehensive guides for setting Android’s native features securely and effective security Apps (preferably free) to compliment? What native settings […]

Snooping on Tor


The trust of the Tor anonymity network is in many cases only as strong as the individual volunteers whose computers form its building blocks. On Friday, researchers said they found at least 110 such machines actively snooping on Dark Web sites that use Tor to mask their operators’ identities. All of the 110 malicious relays […]

Unexplained Signals


There is a mysterious shortwave radio station that broadcasts on the high-frequency 4625 kHz band. Apparently originating from within Russia, it’s nicknamed “The Buzzer”, due to its distinctive short buzzing noise, which plays over and over again. Occasionally, the buzzing is interrupted by a voice reading out a short string of numbers and words. No […]



Diskovery collects and displays the details of data storage facilities of the computer, including its physical drives, disk arrays, partitions, volumes and mount points. It’s a companion program for Bvckup 2 – a fast and light mirroring backup for Windows. Follow the authors thread at Wilders.

Dead Man Talking


Now no more fight with Apple or any smartphone maker, as federal authorities have discovered a new tool for unlocking phones, as far as your phone is using any biometric sensor… 3D Printing! Yes, Police in Michigan are considering 3D printing a dead man’s fingers so they could unlock smartphones in investigation crimes using their […]

Android 7.0 Verified Boot


Android Nougat 7.0 Getting Strictly Enforced ‘Verified Boot’ In Android Nougat, Google has taken the security of its Android operating system to the next level by strictly enforcing verified boot on devices. Among multiple layers of security protection, Android uses verified boot – since Android version 4.4 KitKat – that improves its device’s security by […]



BitLocker Drive Encryption comes with all versions of Windows 10 by default. BitLocker is designed to be used with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a tamper-resistent chip that is built into new PCs that can store your disk encryption key. Because BitLocker keys are stored in the TPM, by default it doesn’t require users to enter a […]

Blackphone alternatives


With so much focus now placed on privacy and security, you would have thought that the Blackphone from Silent Circle would have been a roaring success. But documents from a court case with former partner Geeksphone reveal that there have been just a handful of sales, and revenue is hundreds of millions of dollars lower […]

Hacker Lexicon: What Is …?


What Is HTTPS? For all the attention that the iPhone’s encrypted storage and Whatsapp’s new end-to-end messaging encryption have gotten over the last few months—particularly from the US Justice Department – you’d think that encryption is just now hitting the mainstream. But in fact, you and billions of other people been using a less-loudly appreciated […]

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